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New York City Student Teacher Comments



David Lai: "Prepare to expect the unexpected as each day will be eventful, demanding and hectic. You walk through hallways that are narrow and crowded, a building that's a century old. A school that has only one Xerox machine bought in the 1970s and having to wait 30 minutes on line in order to use it. Prepare to commute long distance to and from school in crowded subways and/or buses during rush hour. Prepare and expect to meet new people in a metropolis that never sleeps. With all I've gone through, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything because it was truly a remarkable one for both the students and me. I remember dozing off on the subway and when I looked up, I saw an add that said, 'Who will remember your name?' Well today, I have 26 students in New York City that will remember my name and 26 students' names that I will never forget! The greatest city in the world, can also be the greatest place to teach."

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Pat Russo
 Last Updated 3/17/09