SUNY Oswego Graduates Teaching in Syracuse City Schools

Teacher School Grade Location Email Address
Heather Chrysler Southside Academy    Syracuse pookie77@prodigy.net
Joel Curinga Huntington School 6th Syracuse  
Deborah Patterson Central New York Charter School 2nd Syracuse patterso@Oswego.edu

Deborah Patterson: "I am working as a second grade teacher at the Central New York Charter School. The vast majority of the students are socio-economically disadvantaged, African American..."dealt out."  It is an amazingly stress filled job, but I LOVE the kids and I am determined to give them the best education I possibly can, despite my limited experience.

Columbus Day is fast approaching, and all I can think of is Howard Zinn's book.  Also please note that I have 15 very pissed off students- I made them aware that there has never been an African American president, nor a female president.  Even the one white boy in my class was horrified.  These are some very irate 7-year-olds!!"  - from an email dated 09-26-03

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 Pat Russo
 Last Updated 2/16/10