Basic Information For
Schools and Urban Society
EDU 381/581

Huntington K-8 School

May 17-June 11, 2010

Attend classes on campus and in the Syracuse City School District
  • Learn about issues that relate to teaching in an urban context

  • Work with students in an urban environment

  • Work with urban teachers committed to mentoring students from urban, suburban, and rural backgrounds

  • Conduct classroom inquiries for social justice and generating student excellence

Organizational Meeting
Monday April 12, 2010. 7:30 p.m.
Center for Urban Schools room 252 Wilber Hall
Must get signature of Professor, Dr. R. Deborah Davis to register

Class Structure:
In Class: On campus, we will meet for two three- hour class sessions before the beginning of the summer semester (May 17 & May 19). We will also meet for two half- day class sessions after the two week field placement (June 8 & June 10). In- class activities will include small and large group discussion, presentations and individual work. All assignments will be due the last day of class (June 7) unless otherwise assigned.

Field Placement: In between these class sessions, you will spend two weeks at Huntington school in Syracuse (May 25 – June 4, 2010). We will also meet for two one-hour sessions during each week in Huntington (TBA).

You are expected to attend an orientation meeting at the school and to attend school during regular school hours, meet with teachers, administrators and your classmates after school hours. During the school day, you will be assigned to work with one teacher, but you will have the opportunity to visit other groups of students/teachers throughout the day. Keep a Learning Context reflection log of your experience.

Outside of Class: You are expected to spend a significant amount of time reading, writing, discussing with classmates, preparing assignments and developing a final project.

Sign up for this class will take place at the organizational meeting.

Apply NOW! – To put your name on a waiting list or For more Information on-line: 

Dr. R. Deborah Davis   Office: 103 Wilber Hall

For More Information Contact:
Dr. R. Deborah Davis
Office: 103 Wilber Hall
Phone: (315) 312-2652

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