Cindy Reynolds
Marietta, Georgia

Cindy Reynolds: "I actually miss being in Oswego, except I can't quite pass up 76 degrees in the middle of November! I thought I would give you a heads up on how I am doing. I teach Kindergarten in Marietta, Georgia.

Life here is a little different than NY, but I have grown to like the people and the way of life here. It is so laid back and there is no hurry for doing things. Believe me, I stick out like a sore thumb at work because I get so up tight about things!!

I work in a school where socioeconomic status is about the middle to lower middle class working families. The kids that go there are absolutely fantastic. They are very needy and the make up is about 85% African American, 20% Hispanic, and the other 5% are Asian Americans, White, and Indian. It is a culturally rich environment. My class alone has 2 Hispanic kids, 1 Japanese American Girl, and 13 African American kids. I love them so much and wouldn't trade it for the world."


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 Last Updated 2/9/10