Huntington School and SUNY Oswego
Professional Development Partnership

This partnership includes set of several interdependent projects aimed at supporting the growth of students, pre-teachers, teachers, and faculty.

Each aspect of this partnership includes professional development interactions between Huntington teachers and SUNY Oswego faculty. Some projects also focus on support of pre-teachers and Huntington students. In each case the activities of one project contribute to and benefit from the activities of all of the other projects.

A. Edu 381 two-week immersion field placements. In May 2003, Huntington hosted 22 pre-teachers and their professor, Dr. Suzanne Wellington for a 2-week immersion experience. Students acted as participant observers and teacher helpers in a number of classrooms. In May 2004 another cohort of 11 students under the supervision of Dr. R. Deborah Davis were hosted by Huntington teachers.

B. Pre-teacher 25-hour introductory field placements. Huntington teachers have welcomed as many as 46 pre-teachers for 25-hour introductory field placements. These pre-teachers spent 2-3 hours each week during the semester as participant observers and teacher helpers. In 2003-04, Huntington hosted a total of 58 pre-teachers.

C. Seven-week Student Teaching Placements. Huntington teachers host SUNY Oswego student teachers for a seven-week intensive student teaching experience (supervised by college faculty and a cooperating teacher). Since Fall 2001, Huntington has hosted up to 8 student teachers per quarter for a total of 41 student teachers over six semesters.

D. Proposed: Teacher Study Groups. Dr. R. Deborah Davis will be supporting Huntington teacher professional development through academic year study groups beginning in 2004-05. These study groups will meet monthly, for at least 40 hours across the academic year to learn more about Generating Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA) and GESA for Parents. Teachers will work additional hours between meetings.

E. Project SMART Summer Institute Participants. At least three Huntington teachers will join with more than 40 other teachers and college faculty to share their past year's progress, learn about cutting edge issues in education, and plan for the coming academic year's professional development work.

Huntington and SUNY Oswego Partnerships: Past, Present, and Future. This partnership has steadily expanded over the past three years. With the support of SUNY Oswego's Curriculum & Instruction Department and Center for Urban Schools, Huntington School's administration and teachers, and the New York State Education Department's Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership (TLQP) funding to Project SMART we expect to continue to improve this seamless pre-teacher/teacher/faculty professional development partnership.

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