Henninger High School and SUNY Oswego
Professional Development Partnership

This partnership includes set of several interdependent projects aimed at supporting the growth of students, pre-teachers, teachers, and faculty.

Each aspect of this partnership includes professional development interactions between Henninger teachers and SUNY Oswego faculty. Some projects also focus on support of pre-teachers and Henninger students. In each case the activities of one project contribute to and benefit from the activities of all of the other projects.

A. Pre-teacher 50-hour field placements. In Fall 2003, Henninger teachers hosted 36 pre-teachers, and worked closely with six Curriculum & Instruction Department faculty as they delivered content specific methods courses (English, foreign language, math, social studies, and sciences). The pre-teachers spent approximately five hours each week observing, helping, and practice teaching in Henninger classrooms. In fall 2004 Henninger teachers will host another cohort of 30-40 Methods students.

B. Seven-week Student Teaching Placements. Henninger teachers host SUNY Oswego student teachers for a seven-week intensive student teaching experience (supervised by college faculty and a cooperating teacher). Since Fall 2001, Henninger has hosted up to five student teachers per quarter.

D. Teacher Inquiry Group. Dr. Eric Olson has been supporting Henninger teacher professional development by working with a science teachers inquiry group since Fall 2002.

Teachers meet to discuss readings and share results of their efforts to improve their teaching practice. This inquiry group meets monthly, for at least 40 hours across the academic year. Teachers work additional hours between meetings. In the 2004-05 academic year the science teacher inquiry group will continue to operate.

E. Project SMART Summer Institute Participants. Henninger teachers who have participated in the academic year inquiry group join with more than 40 other teachers and college faculty to share their past year's progress, learn about cutting edge issues in education, and plan for the coming academic year's professional development work. Five teachers participated in the 2003 Summer Institute. In 2004, at least 3 teachers will participate.

Henninger High School and SUNY Oswego Partnerships: Past, Present, and Future. This partnership has steadily expanded over the past three years. With the support of SUNY Oswego's Curriculum & Instruction Department and Center for Urban Schools, Henninger High School's administration and teachers, and the New York State Education Department's Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership (TLQP) funding to Project SMART we expect to continue to improve this seamless pre-teacher/teacher/faculty professional development partnership.

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Pat Russo
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