Delaware Academy and SUNY Oswego
Professional Development Partnership
This partnership includes set of several interdependent projects aimed at supporting the growth of students, pre-teachers, teachers, and faculty.

Each aspect of this partnership includes professional development interactions between Delaware teachers and SUNY Oswego faculty. Some projects also focus on support of pre-teachers and Delaware students. In each case the activities of one project contribute to and benefit from the activities of all of the other projects.

A. Pre-Teacher Mentor Program. This project includes a pairing of pre-teachers and Delaware students, regular visits at Delaware between the mentors and their " little buddies," frequent email communication between mentors and " little buddies" (monitored by classroom teachers and college faculty), and a culminating trip to SUNY Oswego, where the " little buddies" are hosted on a tour of the campus by their mentors. In November 2004, 40 Delaware students and SUNY Oswego students participated in this program. In Spring 2005, another 40 will be hosted on campus by their pre-teacher mentor.

B. Pre-teacher 25-hour field placements. Pre-teachers (who serve as mentors to Delaware students) are hosted by Delaware teachers each week for a 2-3 hour field placement visit. The pre-teachers serve as participant observers in classrooms in addition to visiting their "little buddies" each week for a semester. In Fall 2004, more than 60 pre-teachers will be placed at Delaware Academy.

C. Seven-week Student Teaching Placements. Delaware teachers host SUNY Oswego student teachers for a seven-week intensive student teaching experience (supervised by college faculty and a cooperating teacher). Since Fall 2001, Delaware has hosted up to six student teachers per quarter.

D. Teacher Study Groups. Drs. Jean Ann and Bruce Long Peng have been supporting Delaware teacher professional development through a variety of academic year study groupings since Fall 2002. During the 2002-03 year, one study group engaged in discussing shared readings. During 2003-04, this group grew and splintered into four distinct groups each working on its own project: Generating Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA), the pre-teacher/child mentor program, the Bilingual/ESL screening process, and a Bilingual/ESL curriculum mapping project. These study groups meet monthly, for at least 40 hours across the academic year. Teachers work additional hours between meetings. In the 2004-05 academic year teacher study groups will work on organizing the mentor program and follow-up to GESA strategies.

E. Project SMART Summer Institute Participants. Delaware teachers who have participated in the academic year study groups join with more than 40 other teachers and college faculty to share their past year's progress, learn about cutting edge issues in education, and plan for the coming academic year's professional development work. One or two Delaware teachers have participated in the Summer Institute in 2002 and 2003. In 2004, three teachers will participate.

Delaware Academy and SUNY Oswego Partnerships: Past, Present, and Future. This partnership has steadily expanded over the past three years. With the support of SUNY Oswego's Curriculum & Instruction Department and Center for Urban Schools, Delaware Academy's administration and teachers, and the New York State Education Department's Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership (TLQP) funding to Project SMART we expect to continue to improve this seamless pre-teacher/teacher/faculty professional development partnership.

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