Oswego State Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

Alec Zuch ('17)

The President is responsible for the general operations of the club, as well as the club's well-being.

My name is Alec Zuch. I am a 5th year meteorology student here at SUNY Oswego. Having a desire to share my love of weather with others, I am pursuing my degree so I can become a broadcast meteorologist. This is my 3rd year at Oswego since coming here in the Fall of 2014. In addition to being meteorology club president, I am also the chief meteorologist at WTOP10 here on campus. I love talking with my fellow students! I want to be there for all of you as much as possible, so never hesitate to each out to me at azuch@oswego.edu

Caitlyn Mensch ('17)
Vice President

The Vice President works with the President for selected tasks, and assumes full leadership in the absence of the President.

Hi! my name is Caitlyn mensch and I'm a senior meteorology major here at SUNY Oswego. I am from Long Island, NY. I've loved weather since I was a kid. Thunderstorms really sparked my interest! I hope to be continuing my education for my masters degree after graduating here. In addition to being Vice President, I'm a co-director for the Lake Effect Storm Prediction Center (LESPaRC). Also, I am Vice President of the ultimate frisbee club. Currently I'm a student volunteer at the NWS in Upton, NY. In the future, I hope to work for the NWS as an operational forecaster. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at cmensch@oswego.edu

Joe DeSilva ('17)

The Treasurer handles all of the club's finances, from collecting money from members for trips to submitting purchase orders for club activities.

Hi, my name is Joe DeSilva , and I'm a senior meteorology major with a mathematics minor as well. I am from Garrison, NY, which is down-state where I live with my parents and my sister. I am also a meteorologist for WTOP-10, which is the student-run television studio on campus at Oswego. Alongside this opportunity, I also forecast for the Lake Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center (LESPaRC) which has helped me become a better forecaster in Central and Northern New York. The career path for me is still up in the air, where I would like to become either a forecaster or a broadcaster, whichever comes first. My main two passions are sports and weather, where I had to make a tough choice regarding my future. I chose weather because I always had a passion for weather since a young age mostly due to lightning. My main hobbies include playing any kind of sport (especially soccer/basketball), snowboarding, swimming; basically anything to keep active. If you are reading this or need to contact me in anyway feel free to add me on Twitter @JoeDeSilvaWx or at jdesilva@oswego.edu

Cameron Wunderlin ('18)

The Secretary records subject matters during meetings, then sends it to the AMS and members of the club.

Hi, my name is Cameron Wunderlin, and I'm a junior meteorology major with minors in mathematics and astronomy. I am from Massapequa NY, which is located in Nassau County on Long Island. I am also a forecaster for Lake Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center and I am the Public Relations officer for SUNY Oswego's Mathematics Club as well. I wish to pursue a career in research with my meteorology degree or go on to study the impact of weather on economics. My main interests and strong skills are with climatology and tropical meteorology. Please don't ever hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need to reach me. My email is cwunderl@oswego.edu.

Rebecca Prosser ('17)
Public Relations

The Public Relations officer is responsible for coordinating and publicizing campus-related events and club activities that the club is included in.

My name is Rebecca Prosser and I am a senior Meteorology major with a minor in Physics. I first became interested in meteorology when I started watching Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers when I was in fifth grade. Since then I have realized I want to study climatology in graduate school. As of now, I have interned for a company in Troy forecasting for two summers and have started research with Dr. Michael Veres.

When I am not in school or working, I enjoy binge watching Netflix (mostly Doctor Who and other nerdtastic shows), hanging out with friends, and going to sporting events (especially when it's the Buffalo Sabres who are playing!). If you have any questions or concerns feel free to shoot off an email to me at: rprosser@oswego.edu. Allons-y and get ready to have a fantastic year!

Ben Hale ('17)
Community Outreach

The Community Outreach officer aids the Public Relations officer with selected tasks, as well as seeks out community service and publicizing certain club activities.

Hello, my name is Ben Hale and I am from Ballston Lake, NY (~10 minutes south of Saratoga). I am a senior Meteorology major working towards a minor in mathematics. My fascination with meteorology began when I was only a child, but even today I will stay up super late to watch a storm to roll through or just to watch the snowfall. My goal is to work as a forecaster after I graduate. Being a part of the Lake-Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center, or simply LESPaRC, has really helped me in taking steps to achieve that goal. I enjoy watching sports (go NY Jets!), live music, snowboarding, and overall just having a good time. I am really excited for what the upcoming academic year has in store for us! If you have any questions, need anything at all, or just want to chat feel free to request me on Facebook or contact me at bhale@oswego.edu

Zachary Hiris ('18)

The Webmaster is in charge of the site design as well as updating content such as upcoming meetings and events.

My name is Zach Hiris, and I'm a Junior meteorology major. I serve as a co-director of the Lake Effect Storm Prediction Center (LESPaRC) and a co-presenter for BFB. I'm also a member of the Men's Golf Team at Oswego. I'm originally from Bowling Green, Ohio. After graduation, I hope to work for the National Weather Service, which has been a dream of mine since the second grade. If you have any questions for me, please email me at zhiris@oswego.edu.