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Research Interests ::

Strategic management, technology and innovation policy, entrepreneurship and new ventures, university-industry linkages, technology business incubation, and technology transfer.

Selected Works ::


1. Mian, S. (2011). Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship: Global Experience in Policy and Program Development (Edited book), Edward Elgar Publishers. (ISBN 9781847203908)

2. Mian, S., Plosila, W. (2011). "Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship in the United States: The Evolution of National and State Policies and Programs". Chapter in Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship: Global Experience in Policy and Program Development (S. Mian, Ed). Edward Elgar Publishers, pp 19-46

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5. Corona, Leonel, Jerome Doutriaux, Sarfraz Mian (2005). "Innovacion regional en los paises del TLCAN: casos de estudio de polos seleccionados", en Alba Carlos, Ismael Aguilar, Jose luis Garcia, Antonio Ortiz, Sarah Martinez y Jose Luis Valdes (Coordinadores) A diez anos del TLCAN, Vol 1. Reorganizacion Industrial, PIERAN, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico D.F. pp 29-102.

6. Mian, Sarfraz (2002). Toward the development of a successful innovation pole for nurturing new technology-based firms: lessons from the more established science and technology parks in the United States. Editors: L. Corona, R. Hernandez. Chapter Published in innovacion, universidad e industria en el desarrollo regional," Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico.

7. Mian, Sarfraz (1999). Regional development through technology-driven entrepreneurial economy: learning from the U.S. experience in technology business incubation. Chapter published in Experiencias, Retos y Oportunidades Regionales en la Innovacion Technologica, Editors: L. Corona, M. Calleja, R. Rozga, G. Sanchez, F. Viso. Primera Edicion, Universidad Pachuca, Hgo, Mexico.

Journal Articles

1. Mian, Sarfraz (2009). University's Involvement in Technology Business Incubation: What Theory and Practice Tell US? International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Volume 11 (forthcoming)

2. Mian, S. Corona, L. and Doutriaux, J. (2010). Building Knowledge Regions in Developing Nations with Emerging Innovation Infrastructure: Evidence from Mexico and Pakistan. International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp 304-330

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5. Mian, Sarfraz (1997). Assessing and managing the university technology business incubator: an integrative framework. Journal of Business Venturing 12(4) 251-340.

6. Mian, Sarfraz (1996). Assessing value-added contributions of technology business incubators to their tenants. Research Policy, 25, 325-335.

7. Mian, Sarfraz (1996). The university technology incubator: a strategy for developing research/ technology-based firms. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 7(2) 191-208.

8. Mian, Sarfraz (1994). U.S. university-sponsored technology incubators: an overview of management, policies, and performance, Technovation, 14 (8) 515-528.

Conference Presentations/Proceedings

1. Mian, S., A. Fayolle and L. Wadid (2011). "Building Modern Regional Innovation Platforms: Evidence from the US and French STP Models." Paper presented in the 28th World Conference of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) 2011 Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22.

2. Fayyaz, A., S. Mian and F. Ul-Islam (2011). "Factors Influencing the Development of SME Clusters: Evidence from Pakistan." Paper presented in the 56th World Conference of International Council for Small Business (ICSB) 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, June 15-18.

3. Qureshi, S., J. Kratzer and S. Mian (2011). "Development of Entrepreneurial and Marketing Capabilities in New Technology Based Firms: A Quasi Longitudinal Study." Paper presented in the 56th World Conference of International Council for Small Business (ICSB) 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, June 15-18.

4. Wadid, L and S. Mian (2011). "Does Entrepreneur's Social Skill Set Contribute to Innovative New Ventures? An Exploratory Study." Paper presented in the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Syracuse, New York, June 8-11.

5. M'Chirgui, Z., S. Mian, A. Fayolle and W. Lamine (2011). "Performance determinants of technology business incubators: A resource-based View." Paper presented in the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Syracuse, New York, June 8-11.

6. Mian, S. and W. Hulsink (2010)," The Triple Helix of a Regional Knowledge Ecosystem: Evidence from the US & European Science Park Models." Paper presented in The VIIIth Triple Helix Conference in Madrid, Spain, October 20-22.

7. Qureshi, S. and S. Mian (2010), "Antecedents and Outcomes of Entrepreneurial Firms' Marketing Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of Small Technology Based Firms." Paper presented and published in the proceedings of the annual United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference, USASBE 2010, Nashville, TN, January 14-17

8. Fayyaz, A. and S. Mian (2010). "Factors Influencing the Growth of SME Clusters: Evidence from UNIDO's Cluster Development Program in Pakistan". Paper accepted for presentation in the 55th World Conference of International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Cincinnati, OH. June 24-27.

9. Mian, Sarfraz and Willem Hulsink (2009). "Building Knowledge Ecosystems through Science and Technology Parks." Paper presented and published in the proceedings of 26th IASP World Conference on Science and Technology Parks, The Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, June 1-4.

10. Mian, Sarfraz (2009). "The Emerging Model of Entrepreneurial Research University: Reflections on the US Experience in the Post Extension Era." International symposium under Canada-US-Mexico Innovation Research Program ( on Entrepreneurial Research University, Puebla, Mexico, January 16-17.

11. Mian, Sarfraz (2007). "Building Entrepreneurial Regions through S&T Parks: Lessons from the Emerging North American Innovation Poles." Paper presented and published in the proceedings of The ASPA-ISAP (Asian Science Parks Association and the International Association of Science Parks) Joint Conference, Ansan, South Korea, October 23-25.

12. Doutriaux, Jerome, Sarfraz Mian, and Leonel Corona (2007). "Characteristics and Stages of Development of Clusters: An Analysis of Fourteen Canadian, U.S. and Mexican Knowledge Regions. Paper presented and published in the proceedings of the 52th World Conference of International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Turku, Finland, June 13-15.

13. Mian, Sarfraz (2006). "Can Entrepreneurial University Model Help Pakistan Leapfrog into the Knowledge Economy? Some Reflections." Keynote paper presented and published in the proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education, Lahore, Pakistan, December 11-13.

14. Mian, Sarfraz, Jerome Doutriaux , Leonel Corona (2005) Mechanisms for Nurturing Innovative SMEs: Lessons from the North American Science Parks and Incubators. Paper presented at the 50th International Conference for Small Business (ICSB), Washington, DC, June 15-18.

15. Mian, Sarfraz, Arif Rana, Jamshed Khan, Usman Asad (2005). An exploratory study of the performance of SMEs in Pakistan and the characteristics of successful firms. Paper presented at the 50th World Conference of International Council of Small Business (ICSB), Washington, DC, June 15-18.

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18. Mian, Sarfraz (2003). The role of regional milieu in the success of planned incubation spaces: a study of U.S. science parks and incubators. Second International Conference on Territory, Industry & Technology, Puebla, Mexico, May.

19. Mian, Sarfraz (2003). Qualities of Incubation and Entrepreneurship: What the Research Tells Us? Incubation and New Ventures 2003 Conference, The Conference Board of Canada, Montreal, Canada, January.

Consulting/Research Reports

1. Mian, Sarfraz, Shahid Qureshi (2011) Global Entreprenurship Monitor (GEM) Pakistan Report 2010, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. First National GEM Report.

2. Mian, Sarfraz (2009) Improving Degree Programs and Faculty Training at the Institute of Quality and Technology Management, Punjab University, Lahore. Visiting Scholar Report

3. Doutriaux, Jerome, Leonel Corona, Sarfarz Mian (2008). Discussion material for the proposed three-country Project: Proposed research agenda and report on the Mexico and Canada meetings.

4. Atri, Said, Dean Crawford, Ian Cuthill., Sarfraz Mian (coordinator), Larry Perras (2005). Potential for Oswego County to Benefit from Trade Between the United States and Canada. Report submitted to the County of Oswego, New York

5. Corona, Leonel, Jerome Doutriaux, Sarfarz Mian (2004). Science Parks, Technology Incubators, and Technology-Based Firms: Characteristics and Possibilities of Co-operation in NAFTA Countries. Project Monarch Final Report submitted to El Colegio de Mexico, Programa Interinstitucional de Estudios sobre la Región de America del Norte Mexico City.

6. Mian, Sarfraz (1997). Technology business incubation: learning from the U.S. experience. Published in the workshop book, Technology Incubators: nurturing small firms, OECD's global workshop on technology diffusion policies organized by the Science and Technology Policy Division of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, France.

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