Richard Metzgar

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Bartow + Metzgar

Stratimentation: Investigations of a Metamorphic Landscape


Spurse is an international art/architectural collective dedicated to experimentation with the active agency of the urban milieu (Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, India, Finland, Great Britain ….).

Spurse is an organization that has no (fixed) content or members -- it is rather a viral multiplicity that is continuously reforming itself as it becomes new projects and new events. Spurse is open to change, contradiction, multiplicity, inversions, tangents, hybrids, illness, infection, betrayal -- spurse is an affirmation of, and experimentation with, the unknowable becoming of the giveness of reality.

Spurse is the art of looking, where looking is broadly, but specifically defined as an active engagement with environmental movements -- as we are looking we act and are thus consequently part of our looking as well as in excess of it.


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