Academic Monitoring

Curriculum Based Measurement.  This template can be used to monitor an individual student’s progress over time. This template can be used to graph CBM in reading, writing, or mathematics. 


Curriculum Based Measurement - Grade Level.  This template is designed to chart CBM results for up to 30 students. This graph is great for comparing the performance of a target student to that of his or her classmates.


DIBELS™.  This template is designed to chart individual student’s assessments on the four most commonly used measures of the DIBELS™ (LNF, PSF, ISF, NWF). The graph is designed to illustrate results at the beginning, middle and end of the year consistent with DIBELS™ benchmarks.


DIBELS™ Grade Level. This template is designed to chart up to 30 students initial scores on the four measures of the DIBELS™ discussed above. This is an excellent graph for screening purposes in order to identify students at risk of reading failure. This template has four different spreadsheets and graph tabs in order to view students’ initial assessment scores on each of the four measures. 


Brief Experimental Analysis. This template allows the user to illustrate the effects several academic interventions. Interventions included on this generic BEA template include motivation, repeated reading, listening passage preview and error correction.