Why isn't there more free time? As the syllabus indicates, this is a class and not a vacation. To earn 3 credit hours requires 45 "contact" hours of class time. (normally 3 hours a week over 15 weeks) You get the bulk of that while in London, so if you want credit, you have to do what the class does.

Can you give students a "free day" upon arrival to "adjust" and/or take a nap? In this class, activities on the day of arrival are planned so that your "free time" commences simultaneously with hotel check-in. Giving the class free time before that is a disservice. Instructors who have done that find their students napping in the hotel lobby or wandering aimlessly when they should be learning about their surroundings. Yes, you will be exhausted, but every effort will be made to get you into your hotel room as soon as it is available.

Why is there a nice meal the day of arrival? I was too tired to enjoy it. Food is provided for sustenance, rather than culinary enjoyment. When it hasn't been offered, some students fail to eat, or eat properly. Better to fall asleep having been fed, than pass out from not.

I don't like what the class does, can I do something different? When you take a GLS 100 class you sign up for the itinerary as advertised. Any exceptions must be cleared with the instructor before leaving the U.S. Your free time, if used wisely, should allow you to visit at least a few places of your choosing in London.

What if I want to visit places outside of London? London IS the class. GLS 100 only allows a week in London, with a few class visits outside the city. If you want more, go back for a vacation or sign up for a semester of study abroad, which allows you to travel on your own on weekends and holidays.


(as taken from actual student evaluations)

Can we go to the British Museum on a less busy day or at a less busy time? (to give students a chance to see special exhibits before the tickets run out)

Every day at the British Museum during Spring Break is a busy one. When special exhibits, like the Terracotta Warriors come, they are often sold out months in advance. Book your tickets (during your free time) or speak with the instructor before leaving the U.S.

Why isn't Oxford Street on the itinerary? Nice try, but shopping, outside of the on-site gift shops, must be done outside of class.


(with questions from the instructor)

I didn't enjoy the (optional) visit to Camden Market. Sorry, but optional means you make your own choices and live with them. Most people love Camden Market. Why did you go?

Got a lot of free time for us to go out and see London on our own. Can you please speak with your peer who felt there wasn't enough?

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