Pat Korta

I have been involved with OYSA over 15 years, first, as a parent and volunteer, then as a coach, and for the last 2 years as a board member. All three of my children have played for OYSA house and travel teams eventually playing on OHS JV and Varsity teams. I coached house league teams for several years for my 2 youngest children. For 2 years during the late 90's I played on an indoor team at the CNY Family Sports center. I am an E certified coach and most recently coached a U16 girl's indoor team last spring with Susan Michaud. In past years I have chaired the concession stand for the local Sithe tournament and have been a concession stand volunteer for various tournament and house league activities. I have been a Girl Scout leader and was an active member of the KPS Home and School Association from 1992 through 2003 while my children were attending KPS. I enjoy working with children and I supporting organizations that strive to provide children with positive experiences.