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Chapters 1-2

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Chapters 3-4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7

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Chapters 11-12

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Chapter 13


Chapter 17

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Chapter 19

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Review materials on the web

*Ruffin and Gregory textbook website
This site ocntains useful review materials.

*Economic Glossary
A glossary of economics terms provided by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University).

*Explorations in Economic Demand and Explorations in Economic Supply (by Kim Sosin)
An online example of demand and supply analysis with discussion questions.

*Exploring Supply and Demand (by Kim Sosin)
An online quiz that tests basic demand and supply concepts.

*Online multiple choice exams provided by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University).
Try reviewing before taking your tests. These questions should help your review process.

*Orley Amos' Extra Credit
This fantasy/adventure story/tutorial reviews fundamental economics topics.

Online introductory economics texts:

*A Pedestrian's Guide to Economics by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University)
An online, and expanded, version of his print book entitled Economic Literacy. This document provides a sound nontechnical introduction to fundamental economic concepts.

*Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Approach by Roger A. McCain (Drexel University)
This online hypermedia text contains a good discussion of introductory economics topics.

General purpose economics resources on the web: