TIP - Macroeconomics

These links are provided as a supplement to the Talent Identification Program's course in macroeconomics.

Links to Prezis:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Opportunity costs, PPF, and Economic Systems
  3. Economic Decision Makers
  4. Demand and Supply
  5. Introduction to Macroeconomics
  6. National Income Accounting
  7. Unemployment and Inflation
  8. Aggregate Expenditures
  9. Aggregate Expenditures and Aggregate Demand
  10. Aggregate Supply
  11. Fiscal Policy
  12. Federal Budgets
  13. Banking and the money supply
  14. Monetary Theory and Policy
  15. Active or Passive Policy

The macroeconomic video projects from Term I, 2012 can be found here.

Review materials on the web

*Economic Glossary
A glossary of economics terms provided by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University).

*Multiple choice questions from the textbook website
This website contains multiple choice review questions for each chapter in the textbook.

*Explorations in Economic Demand and Explorations in Economic Supply (by Kim Sosin)
An online example of demand and supply analysis with discussion questions.

*Exploring Supply and Demand (by Kim Sosin)
An online quiz that tests basic demand and supply concepts.

*Online multiple choice exams provided by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University).
Try reviewing before taking your tests. These questions should help your review process.

*Orley Amos' Extra Credit
This fantasy/adventure story/tutorial reviews fundamental economics topics.

Online introductory economics texts:

*A Pedestrian's Guide to Economics by Orley Amos (Oklahoma State University)
An online, and expanded, version of his print book entitled Economic Literacy. This document provides a sound nontechnical introduction to fundamental economic concepts.

*Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Approach by Roger A. McCain (Drexel University)
This online hypermedia text contains a good discussion of introductory economics topics.

General purpose economics resources on the web:

Additional Readings:

Chapters 1-2

Do school vouchers improve the quality of education?

Chapters 3-4

Do slave redemption programs reduce the problem of slavery?

Chapter 7

Do technological advances result in higher unemployment?
Is there a New Economy?

Chapter 12

How should the U.S. budget surplus be used?

Chapter 13

Should U.S. financial markets be deregulated?

Chapter 15

Should the Federal reserve aim at a zero inflation policy?