John Kane


  • PhD, SUNY-Stony Brook, Economics - 1986
  • MA, SUNY-Stony Brook, Economics - 1980
  • BA, King's College, Political Science/Economics - 1978


  • Professor of Economics at SUNY-Oswego (employed at SUNY-Oswego since 1983).
  • Chair, Dept. of Economics - 1995-1996 (acting chair), 1998-2004
  • Economics Instructor, summer and online programs - Duke University TIP since 1987.

Soccer/OYSA involvement:

  • served as an OYSA board member continuously since 1987
  • served as OYSA vice-President or President since 1988.
  • Both sons participated as players and coaches in OYSA programs for many years. (His oldest son, John, has been an OYSA board member since 2003.) Both sons were active in all stages of the concession stand construction project.
  • USYSA Youth module certificate,
  • USYSA F and E coaching certificates,
  • served as coach of dozens of house league and travel teams from 1987 to present,
  • worked with Dick Benjamin in running the indoor kindergarten program each year from 1987 - 2000 and running this program individually (or with my son John) every year since 2001,
  • served as the house league program coordinator since 1988
  • served as OYSA Registrar from 1988-1998,
  • co-author of successful US Soccer Federation grant that funded a substantial portion of the construction of the soccer complex,
  • completed the permit applications required to begin the construction of the soccer complex,
  • received the first Richard Benjamin Volunteer of the Year Award (12/2000) sponsored by the Central New York Junior Soccer Association,
  • received the Oswego Children Board's Volunteer of the Year Award (2004),
  • negotiated contracts and supervised the construction of the soccer complex
  • coordinated volunteer labor on construction project,
  • provided thousands of hours of volunteer labor during all stages of the construction (assisting in masonry work, carpentry work, roof installation, painting, digging trenches, installing drainage pipes underground, etc.),
  • worked individually or with 1 or 2 other board members in assigning players to house league teams every season since 1987,
  • solicited coaching volunteers each season since 1988 (this usually involves calling 70-300 households),
  • organized and coordinated coaching modules for house league coaches,
  • created all house league schedules since 1988,
  • created and maintained the OYSA web site and e-mail listserv,
  • configured and maintained the online registration system used by OYSA,
  • worked as a referee in the house league program (less often outdoors since the concession stand opened in fall 2005),
  • volunteered to work in the concession stand nearly every weeknight and Saturday during the fall 2005 and spring 2006 seasons, and 1-2 weeknights and all but one Saturday in the fall 2006 season.
  • completed the clean-up of the concession stand and fields (usually alone or with my son) every Saturday afternoon.
  • attended NYSW annual general meetings,
  • served as the primary contact person for all OYSA program and registration issues,
  • conducted and organized the TOPSoccer program in Oswego for the past 3 seasons (and assisting with this since the introduction of this program in Oswego).