OYSA House League Program Policies

The goal of the Oswego Youth Soccer recreational house league soccer program is to provide the youth of the community with an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. The focus of the program is to provide children with an opportunity to develop their skills in a positive environment. No game scores or league standings are kept in any of our recreational programs.

The President and his or her designees, in cooperation with the Registrar, shall make team assignment decisions in the house league program. These team assignments shall be based upon player grade level, gender, and ability. Attempts will be made to provide teams that are balanced according to these criteria to make the game experience more enjoyable for all participants. Children of coaches and assistant coaches will be assigned to the teams on which their parents are serving as coaches or assistant coaches. We do not accept requests that players be matched with other players.

During the fall and spring house league programs, teams are expected to practice at least once a week for 1-1.5 hours. Game times are assigned by the league and are posted on schedules distributed to players at the start of the season, displayed at the soccer complex, and posted on our website (http://www.oswegosoccer.org). Coaches may not cancel or reschedule games without the approval of the President of OYSA (or his or her designee).

All participants are encouraged to work to provide a positive atmosphere for all players and program participants. In accordance with OYSA, NYSW, and USYSA bylaws, we expect all participants to exhibit good sportsmanship and to refrain from any verbal abuse of players, referees, or coaches.

If you have any questions about these policies, send e-mail to Teresa Crucitti at tcrucitt@yahoo.com.
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