Online Resources for
Econometric Students

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Useful links:

*Glossaries of statistical and econometric terms
These sites are useful places to visit if you run across unfamiliar statistical terms while conducting your research.

*Econometric research resources
This page contains useful links for students conducting econometric projects.

*Econometric software
A set of links to econometric software vendors and support information. Among other links, the entire LIMDEP 7.0 manual is available online (in a variety of formats).

*The Junk Science Home Page
This site contains description of what the author describes as "junk science." While this page seems to be a bit biased in that it primarily contains descriptions of the misuse of statistics by health care agencies, environmental groups, etc., it does provide some interesting examples of poor statistical practices.

*Second Moment
This web site provides online articles related to statistical analysis as well as an annotated collection oF links to online statistical resources.

A statistical package consisting of a collection of Java applets. A student edition that allows the estimation of models with up to 10 variables and 100 observations may be accessed over the internet or may be downloaded for free from this site.

*StatSoft Electronic Textbook
This online statistics textbooks provides a nice summary of a wide variety of statistical and econometric topics.
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