Econometric Research Resources

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*Data sources
A wide variety of links to online data sources are available. Choose this option to find links to data sites (listed by type of data).

*Economic associations
A growing number of economic associations are on the internet. Use these sites to find information about professional meetings, information about journals published by these associations, and links to other economics sites.

*Economic institutes and research organizations
The listing of economic institutes and research organizations provides a description of the work done by these organizations. Many of these sites contain data sources and information about current research projects.

*Economic journals
This is one of the most extensive lists of economic journals on the web. These journal sites often contain table of contents, article abstracts, and occasionally the complete text of selected journal articles.

*Economic working papers
These sites may be visited to discover current research work conducted on a variety of economic and econometric topics.

*Econometric software
A set of links to econometric software vendors and support information. Among other links, the entire LIMDEP 7.0 manual is available online (in a variety of formats).

*Federal and state government sites
This provides links to an extensive list of U.S. federal and state government agencies. Information about current economic and social statistics, ongoing research, government publications, and data sources can be found at many of these sites. (CD-ROMS containing many large data sets can be purchased online from the GPO.)

*International agencies
Links to many international agencies can be used to locate information about current research, current international statistics, and online data sources.

*Economics and econometrics related newsgroups
These newsgroups can be used to find information on statistical packages, data sources, and related information.

*Other econometric resource pages
Visit other sites on the web that contain links to econometric resources.
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