Longley Data

List of variables:

year = calendar year
totemp = total derived employment
agemp = Census agricultural employment
selfemp = Census self-employeds
famwork = Census unpaid family workers
domestic = Census domestics
nonagpr = BLS non-agricultural private number of jobs
fedgov = BLS federal government employment
nonfedgv = BLS state and local government employment
gnpdef = gross national product implicit price deflator (1954=100)
gnp = Gross national product
unemp = unemployment
armedfor = size of armed forces
pop = noninstitutional population 14 years of age and over
Source: J. Longley (1967) "An Appraisal of Least Squares Programs for the Electronic Computer from the Point of View of the User", Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 62. September, pp. 819-841.

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