Investment Demand Data

List of variables:

Year = calendar year
I = real gross private domestic investment (in billions of chained 1996 dollars)
GDP = real gross domestic product (in billions of chained 1996 dollars)
CGDP = GDPt - GDPt-1
interest = real interest rate = nominal yield on Moody's Seasoned Aaa Corporate Bond Index - inflation rate (measured by the annual % change in annual chained price index for personal consumption expenditures)


I, GDP, and annual percentage change in chain-type price index - Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce (

Moody's Seasoned Corporate Aaa Bond Yield (average of monthly data was used to create the annual yield) - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic and Financial Database

John Kane -
Department of Economics, SUNY-Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126