Online Glossaries for
Statistics and Econometrics

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Data Analysis Briefbook
At this site you will find a very detailed glossary (or condensed handbook) covering a variety of statistical topics. (Many of these topics are at a fairly advanced level for beginning econometric students.)

Glossary (David M. Lane)
This glossary contains an alphabetical list of probability and statistics terms.

Glossary (STATLETS)
This glossary accompanies the STATLETS statistical package that is written in Java.

Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
This statistical glossary is organized both alphabetically and in the order in which terms appear in a typical statistics class.

A Lexicon and Concordance of Terms Used in Statistics and Empirical Research in Education
Another good online glossary.

Prophet StatGuide: Glossary
This page, provided by the authors of the Prophet statistical software package, contains a nice hyperlinked glossary of statistical terms.

Selecting Statistics Glossary
Another good online statistical glossary (although it doesn't include many econometrics terms).

Statistics Glossary (Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl)
This site contains a listing of terms by topic (an alphabetical list is also available).

StatSoft Electronic Textbook Glossary
This rather large glossary accompanies StatSoft's electronic statistics textbook.

SticiGui Glossary of Terms (Phillip B. Stark)
This is an extensive glossary of terms used by statisticians and econometricians.
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