Chapter 7: Hypothesis Testing in the
Multiple Regression Model

Related links:

Online Statistical Calculators and Tables
This page contains links to online calculators that compute either critical values or p-values for commonly used distribution functions.

Probability and Quantile Applets (by Balasubramanian Narasimhan)
The first applet on this page allows the user to find areas within any region under the normal density curve. The second applet can be used to find the z-score corresponding to any given probability value for a normal cumulative density function.

Student's T-distribution (by Balasubramanian Narasimhan)
This page provides a Java applet that illustrates the relationship between a t-distribution and a standard normal distribution for alternative degrees of freedom. You can use this applet to see how quickly the t-distribution converges to a standard normal distribution as the size of a sample rises. On this page you can also learn how a brewing company was responsible for providing us with the use of t-statistics.

HyperStat Online (David M. Lane)
This is an online hyperlinked statistics text that discusses most of the statistical concepts that you will need for this course.

Egwald Statistics - Multiple Regression
This online regression package, created by Elmer G. Wiens, allows the user to estimate multiple regression models online (including models with parameter restrictions). T-statistics, R-squared, and F-statistics are provided along with the regression output.
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