Chapter 15: Systems of Equations

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Cambridge University Small UK Model (CUSUM)
This site contains a description of a small macroeconomic model of the UK economy Information about this model and forecasts from the model may be viewed at this site.

This site contains the data and estimated model for Ray C. Fair's U.S. and multicountry simultaneous equations macroeconomic models.

The U.S. model contains 131 equations (101 identities and 30 behavioral equations). Visitors to this page can construct forecasts, simulate the results from alternative macroeconomic policies, and graph the results. You can also download the quarterly data used to estimate the U.S. model. While the entire model is available in EViews format, the raw data can be read by any spreadsheet program that reads Lotus format files. The multicountry model consists of approximately 328 equations for 33 countries (including the U.S.).

This site also contains detailed workbooks describing how each model may be used.

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