CEO salary, sales, and profit data

List of variables:

salary = 1999 salary + bonuses
totcomp = 1999 CEO total compensation
tenure = # of years as CEO (=0 if less than 6 months)
age = age of CEO
sales = total 1998 sales revenue of firm i
profits = 1998 profits for firm i
assets = total assets of firm i in 1998


Source: Salary, total compensation, tenure, and age were collected from Forbes' 1999 list of Corporate America's Most Powerful People (

1998 sales, profits, and assets were collected from Fortune Magazine's 1999 Fortune 500 list (

52 of the Fortune 500 firms were excluded because of missing data on one or more variables. Apple Computer was also excluded since Steve Jobs, the acting CEO of Apple in 1998, received no compensation during this period.

John Kane -
Department of Economics, SUNY-Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126