Econometrics Resources on the Internet

This site is designed to assist users of Econometrics: An Applied Approach and others who are interested in finding econometric resources on the internet. If you have any suggestions for improvements (or relevant links), please contact John Kane by email at:

Useful links:

*Econometric research links
This page contains links to resources that are useful in conducting econometric studies. From this page you may find links to numerous sources of data, online working papers and journal articles, information about econometric software, and much more....

*Online Econometric Resources for Students
This page contains links to resources that are designed to assist students learning statistical and econometric techniques.

*Chapter related resources
A growing collection of links to chapter specific resources.

*Datasets used in text
This page contains downloadable versions of the datasets used in the text. (This portion is in the very early stages of development. Initially, data will be available in spreadsheet, SAS, and LIMDEP format. I hope to add more formats in the future.)

*John Kane's home page
Visit the author's home page.

*Other interesting links
Many of these links from this page are quite useful and/or interesting. Don't let the titles fool you; the links in the "Cooking" section includes links to a site providing "Tasty Insect Recipes" and to a page in which you can watch Spam and other food products decay over time.

Search the SUNY-Oswego economics department home page using key words for sources of data or links to specific economic resources.
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