Drs. Cole and Kanbur - Spring 2012

PHY 115, CRN 16066, Spring 2011
Tyler 102, MWF 11.30-12.25pm

Office Hours: Kanbur (Culkin 709A or Snygg 124A): MWF:1.-2.00pm, or phone (x2212/2679) or email me to make an appointment
Cole: T&Th: 10.00am-11.30am and by appointment, or phone x2130/4883
. Angel will be used.
Email: shashi.kanbur@oswego.edu; mark.cole@oswego.edu

Textbooks (required): Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever, Hal Hellman
Scientific Feuds: From Galileo to the Human Genome Project, Joel Levy
Copy Center reader for PHY 115

  • The syllabus is here Course Syllabus


  • A cartoon of the Scientific Method is here

  • A page from De revolutionibus is here

  • A note from Galileo's notebook outlining his observations of Jupiter's moons is here

  • A picture of Galileo arguing before the Church is here

  • A picture of John Harrison's clocks H1 is here and H4 is here

  • Some notes on the Scientific Method and the Nature of Science are here

  • Some pictures of Leibniz here and Newton here

  • Some notes on Calculus are here

  • Some notes on Newton's Laws are here

  • Some notes on Gravity are here

  • Some notes on Special Relativity are here

  • Some info on the Twin Paradox is here

  • The answers to exam1 are here.

  • Notes on Olber's Paradox are here.

  • The powerpoint on Evolution is here.

  • An interesting article on the transit of Venus is here.

  • An interesting article on the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is here.

  • An interesting talk on James Clerk Maxwell is here.

  • The review questions we are doing are here.

  • A review sheet for exam 2 is here.

  • The answers for exam2 are here.