Licensure Update





Applications for licensure as a mental health counselor are now available
from the State Education Department.

According to NYMHCA, our mental health counselors divisional affiliate,
to obtain an application you can:

Call the Office of Professions:  M-F, 8:30-4:45pm. 518-474-3817
Email the Office of Professions:
Visit the Office of Professions website and download an application packet:
    ( As of this date 4/20, the applications cannot be downloaded.  Please
keep checking the 
      website and they should be available by the end of this week.)

You can write and request an application packet:  NY State Education
Department,  Office of Professions, 89 Washington Ave.,  Albany, NY

*For those of you who are applying during the grandfathering period (until
the last day of 2005), remember that as long as you submit an application
before 1/1/06, you will still be eligible for grandfathering, even if your
application is not complete, as long as you complete the application process
in early 2006!

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting this information and
hope that it proves helpful in your professional career.  Patience is a