CPS Student Professional Scholarship or Development Training Grants


Limited monies are available for students who are presenting or co-presenting at National, Regional or State Conferences; who are engaged in scholarly research; or who wish to participate in professional development training.  Students must be sponsored by a CPS faculty member and make application via a letter to the Department Chair.  A student may receive a maximum of one award per year.


Grants for conference presentation in areas related to his/her field will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis according to the following:



The letter should include:



Grants for research in your area of study will be awarded based on the reviewers’ determination of scholarly merit.  Grants awarded will be $150 each.  You should include the following in your letter:



Grants for professional training in an area related to your program of study will be based on the reviewers’ determination of professional merits.  Grants awarded will be $75.