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Money & Banking
Spring 2008
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Lecture Notes

Below are powerpoint slides for each chapter.  Keep in mind that these are not a substitute for class attendance and participation.  You can dowload PowerPoint presentation files on the school computers, which all have PowerPoint software to view and/or print them for class.  I recommend printing 6 slides per page.  (This is an available printing option).

To print multiple slides per page:

    * Open the file in PowerPoint
    * Go to File, then Print
    * At the bottom of the print window, next to Print what, select handouts(6 slides per page) or handouts (9 slides per page)
    * Click Okay.

If you do not have PowerPoint on the computer you use, you can download the PowerPoint viewer for free from Microsoft. This will allow you to view the files.  You can also download use the free, open source, software called Open Office to view and print the slides.  This is an alternative to Microsoft Office.

I have also included HTML files of lectures notes I used when teaching this course online.  Use whatever form works best for you.

Eco 340 Intro and Course Policies PPT
Chapter 1.  Intro to Money & the Financial System PPT HTML
Chapter 2. Money and the Payments System PPT HTML
Chapter 3. Financial Instruments, Markets and Institutions PPT HTML
Chapter 4. Future Value, Present Value and Interest Rates PPT HTML
Chapter 5. Understanding Risk PPT HTML
Chapter 6, part I:  Bonds, Bond Prices PPT HTML
Chapter 6, part II: Determining Interest Rates HTML
Chapter 7. The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates PPT HTML
Chapter 8. Stocks, Stock Markets, and Market Efficiency PPT HTML
Chapter 9. Deratives:  Futures, Options and Swaps PPT HTML
Chapter 10. Foreign Exchange PPT HTML
Chapter 11. The Economics of Financial Intermediation PPT HTML
Chapter 12. Depository Institutions:  Banks and Bank Management PPT HTML
Chapter 13. Financial Industry Structure PPT HTML
Chapter 14. Regulating the Financial System PPT HTML
Chapter 16. The Federal Reserve and the ECB PPT HTML
Chapter 17. The Money Supply Process PPT HTML
Chapter 18. Monetary Policy PPT HTML
Chapter 20. Money Demand PPT HTML
Chapter 21. Modern Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand PPT HTML
Chapter 22. Understanding Business Cycles PPT HTML

Homework Assignments (MS Word documents)
homework #1, due   2/11
homework #2, due   2/18
homework #3, due   3/10
homework #4, due   3/19
homework #5, due   4/18
homework #6, due   4/25
Exam study guides (MS Word documents)
exam 1 study guide   
340 exam 1 Fall 2007   and   answer key    (covered chapters 1-6)
[Note: MC questions 4, 13, 17, 20 and essay question 3 are from chapter 6 which will be on exam 2]

exam 2 study guide
340 exam 2 Fall 2007 and   answer key      (covered chapters 7-10)
[Note: MC questions 1, 9, 14, 19, 20 and essay question 2 are from chapter 10, not on exam 2]
Extra practice questions, chapters 7-9

exam 3 study guide   
340 exam 3 Fall 2007 and answer key   (covered chapters 11-14, 16)
[Note:  MC questions 1, 5, 6, 11, 16, 18, 19 and essay questions 2, 3 are from chapters 14 and 16 and are not on exam 3]
Extra practice questions, chapters11-13

Extra practice questions, chapters 14, 16  (multiple choice answers:  1. B  2. C  3. C  4. C  5.  B  6.  C   7.  (outdated)
final exam study guide
Answer Keys
homework #1
homework #2
homework #3 
homework #4
homework #5
homework #6
Grade Posting
Both federal law and college policy prohibit the posting of grades by Social Security number and alphabetically.  I will be emailing scores on exams and midterm and final point totals using the email addresses provided by the registrar (your Oswego email account).  NO  GRADES WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE! 

If you are using an email address other than you Oswego account, you may arrange to have your Oswego account fowarded to your current email address at this site.

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