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Course Information

course description
course syllabus (this is a Microsoft Word file and requires the Word software.) you are responsible for all of the information contained in this syllabus

How do I get my grades?

Both federal law and college policy prohibit the posting of grades by Social Security number and alphabetically.  I will be emailing scores on exams and midterm and final point totals using the email addresses provided by the registrar (your Oswego email account).  NO  GRADES WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE! Activating your Oswego email account

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Course Materials  Lecture notes Below are outlines and powerpoint slides for each chapter.  Keep in mind that these are not a substitute for class attendance and participation.  You can dowload PowerPoint presentation files on the school computers, which all have PowerPoint software to view and/or print them for class.  I recommend printing 6 slides per page.  (This is an available printing option).

To print multiple slides per page:

    * Open the file in PowerPoint
    * Go to File, then Print
    * At the bottom of the print window, next to Print what, select handouts(6 slides per page) or handouts (3 slides per page)
    * Click Okay.

If you do not have PowerPoint on the computer you use, you can download the PowerPoint viewer for free from Microsoft. This will allow you to view the files.  You can also download use the free, open source, software called Open Office to view and print the slides.  This is an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2, part I
Chapter 2, part II
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9, part I
Chapter 9, part II
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

This chapter below is for Eco 151 800 students:

Chapter 13

homework 1, due 9/10/04
homework 2, due 9/17/04
homework 3, due 9/24/04
homework 4, due 10/8/04
homework 5, due 10/15/04
homework 6, due 10/22/04
homework 7, due 10/29/04
homework 8, due 11/5/04
homework 9, due 11/22/04
homework 10, due 12/3/04
homework 11, due 12/10/04
exam study guides  (Microsoft Word files) about the study guides
exam 1 study guide
exam 2 study guide
final exam study guide

Some Course-Related Links
Women's Studies Resources
A collection I assembled for the Women's Studies Dept. web page
The U.S. Dept. of Labor Women's Bureau
A source of government publications pertaining to national and international women's issues
Policy Debate:  Does a Gender Wage Gap Still Exist?
This site is part of a series of debates written by Dr. John Kane for Southwest Publishing.  It offers links to data sources and differing views on the debate.



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