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Picture of preservice teacher working with diverse children
Authentic Learning for Diverse Students

Picture of women in an 1900s industrial arts woodworking class
A History of 
Authentic Learning


Policies & Procedures Handbook

The complete School of Education Policy Handbook
containing program, faculty, and candidate polices is available at

Student Resources

Pre/Post Test Analysis Template (rev. August 2010)

Technology TWS Example

tk20 Help 

Tk20 Tutorial Videos
Tk20 Helpful Hints

For Students
Completing an Assignment in tk20
Completing Assignments - Artifact Wizard
Completing Assignments - Section Tabs
Important Information about Artifacts in tk20
Recalling Submitted Assignments

For Cooperating Teachers/Site Supervisors
Assessing your Pre-service Teacher Candidate in Tk20:
Overview     Detail Instructions
CT Instructions - Technology

For College Supervisors
Assesing in TK20
Faculty Tk20 Guide
How to Run Field Experiece Assessments
Revoking Assessments
Granting Assignment Extensions

Assessing Your Student Teacher Candidate in Tk20 - Overview

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