List of Lab Experiments

PHY 212/213, Spring 2011

 Jan 25  Introduction, review of lab requirements, safety
 Feb 1  Lab 1--Mapping Electric Fields
 Feb 8  Lab 2--Ohmic and Non-ohmic Devices in Circuits
 Feb 15  Lab 3--Resistivity of Metals
 Feb 22  Lab 4--Measurement of the Energy Gap in Germanium
 March 1  Lab 5--Resistor-Capacitor Circuits
 March 8  Lab 6--Electrical Power Measurements I  Vaporization of Liquid Nitrogen
 March 15  No lab--Spring Break all this week
 March 22  Lab 7--Electrical Power Measurements II  Thermal Radiation-The Stephan-Boltzman Law
 March 29
 Lab 8--Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction
 April 5  Lab 9--Geometrical Optics-Snell's Law and Thin Lenses 
 April 12  No lab
 April 19  Lab 10--Interference and Diffraction of Light
 April 26  Lab 11-Hydrogen Spectra-Atomic Energy Levels
 May 4  Lab Exam














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