PHY 101 Powerpoints


View or download copies of the powerpoint presentations in PDF format, as they become available.


Chapter 1 Physics the Fundamental Science
Chapter 11 Heat Engines & the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 2 Describing Motion
Chapter 12 Electrostatic Phenomena
Chapter 3 Falling Objects and Projectile Motion
Chapter 13 Electric Circuits
Chapter 4 Newton's Laws: Explaining Motion
Chapter 14 Magnets and Electromagnetism
Chapter 5 Circular Motion, the Planets, and Gravity
Chapter 15 Making Waves
Chapter 6 Energy and Oscillations
Chapter 16 Light Waves and Color
Chapter 7 Momentum and Impulse
Chapter 18 The Structure of the Atom
Chapter 10 Heat and Temperature
Chapter 19 The Nucleus and Nuclear Energy











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