PHY 101 homework PHY 101 homework PHY 101 homework


PHY 101 Homework

Each assignment is due at the beginning of the period unless otherwise noted.


due date

Please purchase the required textbook and bring it to the first class. For more information please see the course Guidelines.
Tues. Jan 25
textbook: p. 14 question Q5, exercise E1; p. 34 questions Q1, Q8; p. 36 exercises E2, E10, E13.  Also study the powerpoint tutorial on Motion Graphs. Thurs. Feb. 3
textbook: p.54-55 questions Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q17, Q30; p. 55 exercises E1, E2; p. 57 HE2 write out the math.  Show your work.
Thurs. Feb. 10
textbook: p. 75-76 questions Q2, Q8, Q9, Q12, Q24; p. 76 exercises E1, E2
Thurs. Feb. 17
textbook: p. 75 questions Q21, Q22, Q23; p. 77 exercises E15, E19
Thurs. Feb. 24
textbook: p. 119 questions Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q8, Q22, Q24; p. 121 exercises E2, E7
Thurs. March 3
textbook: p. 140 questions Q2, Q8, Q11, Q13, Q17; p. 142 exercises E3, E6, E12
Thurs. March 10
textbook: p. 209 questions Q2, Q7, Q10, Q13, Q16; p. 210 exercises E4, E7, E10
Thurs. March 24
textbook: p. 209 questions Q25, Q27; p. 210 exercise E16; p. 230 questions Q1, Q4, Q7; p. 232 exercise E3
Thurs. March 31
textbook: p. 254 questions Q4, Q10, Q13, Q17; p. 255 exercises E3, E5; p. 276 questions Q1, Q4, Q10; p. 278 exercises E1, E4
Thurs. April 7
textbook: p. 277 questions Q12, Q17, Q21, Q28; p. 279 exercise E15
Thurs. April 14
textbook: p. 300 questions Q1, Q3, Q7; p. 326 questions Q5, Q8; p. 327-328 exercises E3, E4
Thurs. April 21
textbook: p. 327 questions Q17, Q19, Q27; p. 328 exercise E15; p. 351 questions Q3, Q4, Q5, Q8
Thurs. April 28
textbook: p. 351 questions Q13, Q15, Q18, Q19; p. 352 exercise E2; p. 405 questions Q3, Q4, Q17
Thurs. May 5

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