American Economic History Before 1900
Eco 326-800
Prof. Ranjit Dighe (click here to send me an e-mail)

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Required texts
(available at The College Store and Kraftees):

  • Roger LeRoy Miller & Robert L. Sexton.  Issues in American Economic History.  Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western, 2005.
  • James W. Loewen.  Lies My Teacher Told Me.  New York: Touchstone, 2007.  (Other editions are fine, too.)
  • Diana Hacker & Nancy Sommers. Rules for Writers. 7th edition.  New York: Bedford / St. Martin’s Books, 2011. (Other editions are fine, too. Hopefully you already own this one.)
  • (The many additional course readings will be posted on the ANGEL page for this course.)
Recommended but not required:
William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White, The Elements of Style, any edition.

Oswego railroad bond

Resources for research papers:
Review of economic principles, for students in need of a refresher

Web sites that may be of great help to your research paper:

Other recommended sites:
Images of American economic history / Tools for teachers:
Also of interest:

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