Craig DeLancey
Work in philosophy

Work in progress

My work in philosophy is primarily concerned with: consciousness, emotion, biological purpose (proper functions or teleofunctions), and questions about the justification or foundation for purposes.

I'm currently writing a book, Consciousness as Complex Event, that argues that phenomenal experiences are representational events that appear mysterious because they are irreducibly complex. This then renders (a form of non-reductive) physicalism our best bet for explaining consciousness. I aim to post here soon a draft of the first chapter. Comments and help (especially with clarifying the proofs) would be greatly appreciated.

Curriculum vitae

My philosophy curriculum vitae is here

Abstracts of selected publications

"Commitment and Attunement."

"An Ecological Concept of Wilderness."

"The Modal Arguments and the Complexity of Consciousness."

"Consciousness and the Superfunctionality Claim."

"Does A Parsimony Principle Entail a Simple World?"

"Phenomenal Experience and the Measure of Information"

"Meaning Naturalism, Meaning Irrealism, and the Work of Language"

"Basic Moods"

"Ontology and Teleofunctions: A Defense and Revision of the Systematic Account of Teleofunctions"

"Architecture Can Save the World: Building and Environmental Ethics"

"Teleofunctions and oncomice"

Preface, chapter 1, and the index of Passionate Engines

"Real Emotions"

"Emotion and the Computational Theory of Mind"

"Emotion and the Function of Consciousness"

More general audience topics

I also sometimes speak on, and write on, more general audience topics. These include atheism and ethics; environmental ethics; and how science fiction influences and reflects our understanding of ourselves and our future (I am also a science fiction writer). Contact me if you would be interested to discuss speaking opportunities.


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Here's a fun video about our very fortunate opportunity to work with The Acting Company when they visited Oswego.

Creative writing

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