Philosophy 497
Professor: Craig DeLancey

Current Assignments
12 December
Final exam in class 10:30 am -- 12:30 pm.

Questions will be on applying Camus's criteria to diverse possible case studies. You may bring any of our primary texts (MR, TRK, WIsKOE). Some questions to consider:
  • Do problems that concern the distant future pose a difficulty for Camus's focus upon current conditions?
  • Do the various forms of environmental ethics propose a problem for Camus's anthropocentric ethics?
  • What would a Camusian analysis of Malcolm X's position be?
  • Would Camus approve of MLK's concern with economic issues?
  • Does Camus make a mistake in not consider the harms (and benefits to himself and to his society) of colonialism?
16 December
Papers due in my office by 3:00 pm.
Tentative Assignments