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Tentative Talk Schedule
  • October 24: Ray Ricci
  • October 26: Alex Rau
  • October 29: Dan Goldman
  • November 2: Tyler Shovlin
  • November 5: Akil Griffiths
  • November 9: Dan Parks
  • November 16: Don O'Brien
  • November 28: Molly Heagerty
  • November 30: Marissa Davilla
  • December 3: Andrew Syrell
  • December 5: Tony Ferrentino

Talk Topics
  • Marissa Davilla may talk on Freud and religion.
  • Tony Ferrentino will talk on some controversial results or claims in evolutionary psychology.
  • Dan Goldman will talk on the differences and similarities and relationships between philosophical behaviorism and psychological behaviorism, perhaps focusing on a philosophical debate regarding what philosophical behaviorism would entail about linguistic meaning. This will be sometime in September, during Skinner.
  • Akil Griffiths will talk about the early Freud. The Id will be released!
  • Molly Heagerty will talk on introspection.
  • Don O'Brien will talk on Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment, drawing parallels to Milgram's experiment.
  • Dan Parks will talk on Freud's view of culture or civilization.
  • Alex Rau will talk about agnosias and aphasias in the cognitive revolution. I'm going to recommend that he focus on, or at least include, hemilateral neglect, as an example of a deficit that is very hard to explain without reference to internal mental states.
  • I'm asking Ray Ricci to talk on Stroop effect and the Shepard & Metzler (1971) results.
  • Tyler Shovlin will talk on conditioning. This is helpful: we need a reminder of what classical and operant conditioning are.
  • Andrew Syrell will speak on falsifiability, especially with respect to Freud.