Philosophy 496, Psychology 475
Professor: Craig DeLancey

Current Assignments
27 August
Send me an email describing (1) your immediate plans after college. Do you intend to seek a job, go to graduate school, travel the world? (2) What would you like to ultimately do in the long term? What career are you aspiring to?

If you answer to either or both is, I don't know, that's fine. I want to know where philosophy or philosophy-psychology might fit into your plans, or how it might help you make plans.

1. Descartes

29 August

Read Descartes's Meditations 1 and 2. (If you've not read the Meditations, try to take the time to read them all, in order.) The edition we put in the bookstore is good and cheap, but otherwise translations on the web can be found at and and

There are three questions for you to answer on Angel.

Tentative/expected Assignments (subject to substantial revision)