Philosophy 496, Psychology 475
Professor: Craig DeLancey

Current Assignments
November 3
Read Alcock, chapters 1 and 2. Answer the questions on Angel.
November 5
Read Alcock, chapter 3.
Tentative Assignments
November 7
Read Alcock, chapters 6 and 7.
November 10
Read Alcock, chapters 6 and 7.
November 12
Papers due for peer review. Many of you are revising papers that you have written before. If you are looking for a new topic, here are some suggestions.
  • Consider an emotion, like fear. What kind of theory of emotion does the behaviorist, the cognitivist, and the evolutionary psychologist offer? How should decide between them?
  • Do we still need introspection in psychology? Why or why not? And for what kinds of data do we need it? And how has use of introspection changed, if at all? Consider several examples.
  • Given one of the classic cognitivist papers, such as one describing the Stroop effect. Explain how that hypothesis requires that we emend behaviorism. Specifically, what elements of behaviorism are retained, and what altered, in contemporary experimental psychology (such as cognitive psychology)?
  • Explain and evaluate the concern raised about Kahane that we have a reproducibility crisis in social psychology.
  • Review a claim made in evolutionary psychology. What is being assumed (about inheritance, about the target of selection, etc.)? Does the argument plausibly show that the behavior is an evolutionary stable strategy? What are some concerns that we might have about this kind of explanation?
  • Is there a concensus about the method of psychology? Give examples. If not, then is this because psychology is new, or because the mind is special (that is, explaining the mind requires special methods because it is a different kind of thing)?
November 14
Read Alcock, chapters 8 and 9.
November 17
Read Alcock, chapter 10.
We'll read some works in neuropsychology for our last topic.