Philosophy 496, Psychology 475
Professor: Craig DeLancey

Current Assignments
September 19
Critical reasoning and logic standardized exam.

For those of you who have gotten back a PHL471 paper, I used the following notation on the paper:
  • G Grammar and clarity, 5 points
  • F Format (clear structure, clear hypothesis), 5 points
  • A Argument (considers objections), 5 points
  • C Content and accuracy, originality, depth, 5 points

4. Skinner, Walden II

September 22
Behaviorism background.
Read chapters 1-4 of Skinner.

Tentative Assignments
September 24
Read chapters 5-8 of Skinner.

September 29
Read chapters 9-12 of Skinner.

October 1
Read chapters 13-16 of Skinner.

October 3
Read chapters 17-20 of Skinner.

October 6
Read chapters 21-24 of Skinner.

October 8
Read chapters 25-28 of Skinner.

October 10
Read chapters 25-36 of Skinner. I'll be out of town today, but we'll have some activity that you can do together without me.