Some lecture outlines and other materials for PHL471, Philosophy of Mind

Craig DeLancey

Decision tree for reductive ontology (pdf file)

*A Draft Summary of Ontological Views Discussed

*Aristotle's Lectures on Psyche

Descartes Meditations I and II

Descartes Meditations III and IV

*Descartes Meditations V and VI


*Smart and Identity Theories

Anomalous Monism and Non-Reductive Physicalism

*Churchland's Eliminativism

Representation, Naive Causal Theory, and Normativity

Some thoughts on Millikan's "Biosemantics"

Some thoughts on Millikan's Varieties of Meaning

Some notes about Dennett.

Brief review of approaches to Normativity.

**Our slides on Perception

**Our slides on Consciousness

Davidson, Interpretationism as a form of Strong Cognitivism, and Post-Functional Actions

Locke on Personal Identity

Quinton on the Soul and Personal Identity

Butler on Substance and Personal Identity

Dennett on the Self

Parfit on Personal Identity