Some lecture outlines and other materials for PHL471, Philosophy of Mind

Craig DeLancey

Decision tree for reductive ontology (pdf file)

A Draft Summary of Ontological Views Discussed

Aristotle's Lectures on Psyche

Descartes Meditations I and II

Descartes Meditations III and IV

Descartes Meditations V and VI


Smart and Identity Theories

Anomalous Monism and Non-Reductive Physicalism

Churchland's Eliminativism

Representation, Naive Causal Theory, and Normativity

Some thoughts on Millikan's "Biosemantics"

Some thoughts on Millikan's Varieties of Meaning

Some notes about Dennett.

Brief review of approaches to Normativity.

Emotion Background, Nash, DeLancey c1&2

Davidson, Interpretationism as a form of Strong Cognitivism, and Post-Functional Actions

Locke on Personal Identity

Quinton on the Soul and Personal Identity

Butler on Substance and Personal Identity

Dennett on the Self

Parfit on Personal Identity