PHL321 Philosophy of Science
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: MCC212A

Current Assignments
17 November
Read: read chapter 8 of our textbook. Answer the questions on BlackBoard, which are:
  1. Klee is very critical of Latour and Woolgar's claims about science. What does he sees as their central flaw?
  2. Klee is very critical of Shapin and Schaffer's reconstruction of the Hobbes - vs - Boyle debate. What does he sees as the central flaw in Shapin and Schaffer's reasoning?
20 November
Read: read this selection on social construction of emotions.

Tentative Assignments (subject to revision)
27 November
Read: read chapter 9 of our textbook.
1 December
Read: selection from Foucault on madness.
6 December
Read: read chapter 10 of our textbook.

Optional, worth watching for an example of the issue of whether atoms exist.
8 December
Note. On this day, unfortunately, I cannot have my office hours. I will have office hours all day December 11 to make up for this.
13 December
Take home final "paper" due before 4:00 pm. I will post questions here soon.