P310 Valid Reasoning II
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: Marano 212A
Email: craig.delancey@oswego.edu

Current Assignments
30 January
I'd like to see what system you learned, and where you are at. Five problems, just for me to see. The first two are just translations into some kind of formal logic. For problem 1, use a propositional logic (the smallest things in your language will be sentences). For problem two, use a quantified logic with predicates. For 3-5, generate a proof (a syntactic proof, not a truth table). Use whatever rules or proof methods you remember.
  1. If both Nemo and Jaws are fish, then neither Patrick nor Mr. Krab are.
  2. All men are mortal.
  3. Premises: (P --> Q), (R--> Q), (P v R). Conclusion: Q.
  4. Conclusion: ((P-->Q) --> (~Q --> ~P)
  5. Premises: ∀x(Fx --> Gx), ∃xFx. Conclusion: ∃xGx

Tentative assignments