P310 Valid Reasoning II
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: Marano 212A
Email: craig.delancey@oswego.edu

Current Assignments
12 February
Last two track homework! Do problem 1 and 3 or problem 2 and 3.

1. Read chapters 11-16 of A Concise Introduction to Logic. Do problems:
  • Chapter 11, problems 1a, 1b, 1c, 2b, 2c.
  • Chapter 12, problem 2
  • Chapter 13, problems 1a, 1e
  • Chapter 14, problems 1a, 1b

2. It turns out that we can say everything that can be said in the propositional logic using just two connectives: ¬ and →. Prove this by making expressions equivalent to (P v Q) and (P ^ Q) and (P ↔ Q) that use only negation and conditionals. Make truth tables to show that your expressions have the same meaning as the disjunction, conjunction, or biconditional, respectively.

3. Prove the following theorems.
  • (∃x∀yFxy → ∀y∃xFxy)
  • (∀x∃y(Fx → ∃z(Gz → Hy)) → ((∃xFx ^ ∀xGx) → ∃xHx))

Tentative assignments