PHL309 Logic, Language, and Thought Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: Piez Hall 225

Some secondary materials
Here are some things that can be helpful to read.
Some entries in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
Books that can be of interest:
  • Any of Gregory Chaitin's popular books. He used to post them all on his web site. Now he doesn't, but this book, Exploring Randomness is available.
  • Some of you may be interested in Penrose's arguments in the early chapters of The Emperor's New Mind which is in Penfield at Q335 .P415 1989.
  • Andrew Hodge's biography of Turing's is a fine book. Penfield: QA29.T8 H63 1983.
  • Raymond Smullyan has puzzle books that in a playful way aim to illustrate problems of incompleteness and consistency and self reference. In Penfield see: Forever undecided, QA9.65 .S68 1987; What is the name of this book?, GV1493 .S63 1986; To mock a mocking bird and other logic puzzles, GV1507.P43 S68 1985; 5000 B.C. and other philosophical fantasies, B68 .S65 1983I; The lady or the tiger?, GV1493 .S626 1982; This book needs no title, PN6361 .S6 1980.
  • Wittgenstein's Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics is in our library, at QA9.W743. Useful if you are interested in the question of conventionalism.