PHL309 Logic, Language, and Thought
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: CC212A

Current Assignments
9 May
I was asked if I could put together a review session. I managed to get only one room, alas: the auditorium MCC132. We have it from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. I'll be there, and we can talk, debate, do any proofs you would like, and otherwise discuss the limits and nature of reason.
12 May
Final exam 10:30-12:30 in MCC 232.
Some study questions.
  • What does it mean to say a system is complete?
  • What does it mean to say a system is consistent?
  • What does it mean to say a system is decidable?
  • What is Godel's First Theorem?
  • What is Godel's Second Theorem?
  • What is a Godel Sentence?
  • What is the Halting Result?
  • Prove the Halting result.
  • What is descriptive complexity?
  • What is radical conventionalism?
  • Writing and interpreting very simple Turing machines.
  • The Turing test.
  • The Church-Turing thesis.
Also eligible is any question from the midterm exam.

Tentative Assignments (subject to revision)