PHL111 Valid Reasoning, Past Assignments

Past Assignments
26 August
Reading: Read chapter 1 of CIL.

We're moving to Marano 306.

Go to the East side of the building -- that's the end near where our old classroom was. On that end of the building only is there a 3rd floor. Go on up!
28 August
Practice: Hand in at the beginning of class your answers to problems 1-5 at the end of chapter 1.
31 August
Reading: Read chapter 2 of the book.

I should have the Blackboard<-->Clickers set up running this week. Usually, I also have short answer questions about the reading posted there also. So expect that before next week.
31 August
Reading: Read chapter 3 of the book.
2 September
Practice: Complete problems 5 and 6 at the end of chapter 2.
11 September
Reading: Read chapter 4 of the book.
18 September
Practice: Do problems 1 and 4 of chapter 4. This is nine proofs, but they are short, and a good block of practice will help you become familiar and comfortable with direct derivations.
25 September
Reading: Read chapter 5 of the book.

Practice: Do problems 2a, 2b, 2d, 2e; and 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d; of chapter 5.
28 September
Practice: I'll be out of town, but will email to you at around 10:20 (and will try to post here also) a problem that should only take about 55 minutes, and which will be due in the philosophy department before 12:30 pm. The office is Marano 212. If no one is there, write FOR DELANCEY on it and slip it under the door (the office should open at 12.) You can work together but must ultimately go off and write it up on your own.

Here is the assignment as a pdf:
A dastardly crime against logic.
2 October
Read chapter 6 of our textbook.
3 October
Steinkraus Lecture. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Mill's Political Philosophy and American Ideals. 2:15 p.m. in the Historic Lecture Hall, room 222 Sheldon.