PHL111 Valid Reasoning, Past Assignments

Past Assignments
31 August
Reading: Read chapter 1 of CIL.

2 September
Practice: Hand in at the beginning of class your answers to problems 1-5 at the end of chapter 1. Each of these problems asks you to come up with 5 examples; to make the homework shorter, for each problem just come up with 2 examples. Handwritten is acceptable (for many of our later homeworks there are special symbols or tables and it is too much work to try to type them).
7 September
Reading: Read chapter 2 of the book.
12 September
Practice: Complete problems 5 and 6 at the end of chapter 2.
14 September
Reading: Read chapter 3 of the book.

Here is an alternative view of arguments (especially in the minute starting around 1:40 and following); one closer to the colloquial use of the word "argument"--but different than our technical use of the word.
16 September
Read: chapter 4 of CIL.

19 September
Homework: do problems 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, and 3 of chapter 3.
23 September
NOTE: I have an unexpected emergency, and must cancel my offices hours this afternoon. Write me and we'll find time for you Monday if you need to see me.

Alternative homework: Some people found the last homework confusing and did not manage to complete it correctly. If you want to try a redo, or a first/late do, you can instead do the following: chapter 3 problems problems 1c, 1d, 2c, 2d, and 3.

Please note: I've been informed that the book does not load correctly on a phone! Sorry. Be sure you read it on a computer screen in order to see the truth tables correctly!