PHL111 Valid Reasoning, current assignments

Current Assignments
October 27
Read chapter 13 of A Concise introduction to logic.

Homework 7: do problem 1 of chapter 13 of the book.

HINT: I was asked about phrases like "... is a male poriferan." You could treat that as one predicte, but consider: something can be male and not a poriferan (well, in Spongebob's world, anyway); and something can be a poriferan and not male; so why not treat them as two predicates? That is, would you agree that "x is a male poriferan" is equivalent to "x is male and x is poriferan"?

October 31
A redo of homework 6 will be posted here soon. If you do it and hand it in on October 31, the score can replace your homework 6 score.

Tentative/expected Assignments (subject to revision)
August 25 -- December 5
Here is the tentative test schedule for the semester.
  • September 19 -- Quiz 1, in class
  • October 13 -- Quiz 2, in class
  • October 31 -- Quiz 3, in class
  • November 17 -- Quiz 4, in class
  • December 12 -- Final exam, 8:00 a.m. -- 10:00 a.m.