Class: PHL100 Problems of Philosophy
Classroom: Mahar 122
Class time: MWF 9:10 am - 10:05 am
Class final: TBA
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: CC212A
Office Hours: MF 1:45 -- 3:00 p.m. and by appointment

Current Assignments

Question 5: Are you free?

April 16
We'll discuss compatibilism and review the free will problem. We'd left off discussing the question of addiction; let's raise that again.

I'll introduce our next topic: purpose. Read sections 1 and 2 of the Nicomachaen Ethics if you can.

Tentative Assignments

Question 6: Does the universe, or do at least you, have a purpose?

April 21: The religious view. I'll post a reading soon.
April 23, 25: I'll be in Arizona
April 28: Nietzsche.
April 30: Nietzsche, continued.
May 2: Sartre, "Existentialism is a Humanism".
May 5: Sartre, No Exit.
May 7: The innate purposes view, reborn?
May 9: Which world do we live in?