Some notes for PHL100

Craig DeLancey

These are pdfs of our class PowerPoints:
Branches of Philosophy. Updated 30 Jan.

Can we have certain knowledge? Updated 6 February 2017.

Can we prove there is a god? Updated 22 February 2017.

Is the mind a body process? Updated 8 March 2017.

What should one do? (Our ethics notes.)

What is a person?

Are we free?

Do we, or does history or the universe, have a purpose?

Here are some notes from older, very different versions of PHL100. I include them because you might find some of them relevant.


Aquinas's Five Ways

Other arguments for the existence of God

Background on epistemology and the Theatetus

Descartes, Meditations 1 and 2

Descartes, Meditation 3

Descartes, Meditation 4

Scientific Method

Descartes Meditation 5

Descartes Meditation 6

Smart on Materialism

Turing and the Turing Test

Free Will

Ethics introduction

The Euthyphro Argument

Mill's utilitarianism

Sartrean Existentialism

Some very brief notes about Contract Theory

Some very brief notes about Environmental Ethics and Bioethics