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Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

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  •  I usually offer the following courses. Actual syllabus for each course will be uploaded into angel system. Please check your angel account.

  • Lecture notes, homework, exams, and grades will be posted in the angel system. If you are registered to this course, you can access angel by using your Oswego email login and password. It will be accessible a week before the classes begin.

  • You are more than welcome to send your constructive critism about the lecture to or submit an anonoymous survey through angel.

  • Fixed grading system will be used according to this scale: A: 100-93, A-: 93-88, B+: 88-84, B: 84-80, B-: 80-76, C+: 76-72, C: 72-68, C-: 68-64, D+: 64-60, D: 60-56, D-: 56-52, E: 52-0. In the borderline cases (± 0.2%), the final exam grade and the class participation will be taken into account.

  • CHE331/332 - Organic Chemistry : Text:  "Organic Chemistry", by Solomons and Fryhle, 9th edition. Recommended:  Study guide for Organic Chemistry, 9th edition.

  • CHE 440/540 - Advanced Organic Spectroscopy : Text: "Organic Structure from Spectra", by Field, Sternhell, Kalman, 4th edition.

  • CHE 436/536 - Advanced Organic Chemistry : Text: "Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis", by Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako .

  • CHE 230 - Introductory Organic Chemistry : Text: "Introductory Organic Chemistry", by  McMuryy and Simanek, 6th edition. Recommended: Study guide and Solutions Manual, 6th edition.

  • CHE455/555 - Medicinal Chemistry : Text: "Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry", by Graham Patrick, 3rd edition.

  • CHE360 - Introductory Biochemistry : Text:  "Biochemistry", by Campbell and Farrell, 6th edition.

  • CHE 209 - Chemistry and Public Concern : Text: "Chemistry in Context", by American Chemical Society. 6th edition.

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